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Seven Wonders, Seven Dishes for AMEX CEO Series 2016 by Chef Gary Mehigan

In the recent times Bangalore has been in the spotlight for quite a few culinary events. Being a cosmopolitan city that caters to taste buds spanning through the length & breadth of our sub continent and lets not forget world travellers who come here for business /leisure . This quaint garden city aka IT Capital of India, has quite a lot to offer for food buffs be it cuisines, ambience, music, fresh brews or experiential dinning.

Who wouldn't want to be a part of a gastronomic experience that takes your palette across seven countries, wherein each dish is as majestic, unique and breath taking like their very own Seven Wonders?

Read on to know more -

A first-ever concept for the Indian corporate world comprising of the crème de la crème from the business, finance, media and technology communities, the CEO Series has been conceptualized by a prominent New York based luxury brand consultancy firm, Evolve and the very first edition of CEO Series will be presented by Amex in association with BMW and Etihad Airways.

CEO Series will be a set of exceptional social dinners exclusively for top executives of multi-billion dollar organizations to enable social interactions outside of boardrooms and in a surreal setting with world class food in the spotlight.

Known to craft stellar culinary events to delight the discerning palates of gourmands, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore will be hosting celebrity Chef Gary Mehigan’s travel inspired dinner event for the C-Suite guests of the city. A sit-down dinner themed after the Seven Wonders of the World, has been crafted by Chef Gary Mehigan where he presents culinary masterpieces inspired by Peru, Brazil, Jordan and the likes with the careful orchestration of fine, premium ingredients like fresh daikon, fennel pollen, hibiscus jelly and salted fish roe called bottarga signed off by his expert masterstroke. The host of the event will be noted journalist & epicure Vir Sanghvi.I had the opportunity to be a part of the exclusive Press Media event for the pre launch of the CEO Series @ The Riwaz, Ritz Carlton Bangalore.

Now the menu is inspired by Gary's travel across the world. Gary Mehigan, celebrity chef and restaurateur who rose to fame as Master Chef judge is an avid biker, traveler and a passionate foodie. Mehigan’s first claim to fame was the TV series called 'Far Flung with Gary Mehigan' where he travelled to various countries in Asia such as India, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong and South Korea to learn local cooking techniques and recipes, which he uses as inspiration for a recipe he demonstrates at the end of each episode.

The Seven Wonders of the World Menu was inspired by the jaw dropping beauty of the world’s acclaimed wonders, which Gary Mehigan will translate through his culinary creations.

CEO Series will be launched and showcased in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi on 15th, 17th and 18th September respectively and will be attended by over 100 top notch executives.

As a part of the Media interactive session, Gary spoke about his inspiration derived from his travels across the globe which is replicated as a part of this gorgeous menu


Scorched Salmon

Scorched Salmon, caramelized miso mayonnaise, ceviche pickles, edamame.

Sweet corn “Humita”, caramelized miso mayonnaise, ceviche pickles, edamame

Peru is well and truly on the map for the world’s foodies. It has one of the largest populations of Japanese in South America and ‘Nikkei’ the blend of the two cuisines is at the heart of the Peru’s culinary awakening. This dish is light and complex and plays with umami, the rich soft texture of salmon & the flavors of ceviche.


Moqueca’ crustacean veloute, sweet onion puree, bottarga & Brazil nut

Young coconut, lime and pea veloute, sweet onion puree, puffed rice, Brazil nut

Brazilian cuisine, is synonymous with the taste of char and smoke, but it also the taste of the sea & ‘moqueca’ is a rich fish soup from Bahia born from the Afro Brazilian culture, the ocean, the sun and miles of golden beaches.


Compressed watermelon

Compressed watermelon, raw & cooked curds, hibiscus syrup, green almonds

A hot summer’s day, the smell of spices, citrus, rosewater, the thought of juicy watermelon to quench your thirst. This dish is refreshing but there is the richness of the labneh and almonds for texture and the hint of rose


Butter roasted cauliflower

Butter roasted cauliflower, fennel pollen & green fennel seed, golden raisins

Every time Gary has visited India, he was confronted and intoxicated by the busy-ness, the colour, the smells and flavours of this grand continent. This dish is an ode to the cauliflower stacked high from the farm, truck and market stall, roasted and caramelized in butter and spice the life blood of India.


White cooked chicken

White cooked chicken, ginger jelly, black sesame, celery & spring onion

Gary loves white cooked chicken, it is his family favourite but it can be sophisticated and clever when cooked beautifully. The heady power of ginger, garlic and soy is delicious in this dish.


Slow cooked lamb

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, toasted grains, dhal & pine nuts, kohlrabi

Lamb is quintessentially Australian so Gary had to include it on the menu. Here he had cooked shoulders slowly for 14 hours until the meat falls from the bone. Kusharie & biryani are the inspirations for this dish but he's been playful with the concept and of course our interpretation of middle eastern flavours .


‘Conco d’Oro’

‘Conco d’Oro’ Lemon curd & olive oil semi freddo, golden meringue, orange syrup,candied & fresh citrus

Italy in summer is a magical place, the food of course is some of the best in the world and in the south the cuisine is dominated by the taste of citrus and olive oil. ‘Conco d’oro’ means the shell of gold which refers to the corridors of trees growing around the bay of Palermo in the in the rich volcanic soils.

We were lucky to have a live demo on how the first dish - Scorched Salmon was prepared .

Speaking on the occasion, General Manager, Raghu Menon said that ‘The CEO Series resonates with our aim of providing the finest culinary experiences to our discerning guests, most of who are extensively travelled and have a deep appreciation for a well orchestrated meal. Having a culinary epitome like Chef Gary Mehigan behind this event gives it an even more authentic seal of excellence and we are delighted to welcome him.’

And here's Gary with Ritz Carlton Executive Chef - Anupam Banerjee

I would like to thank Gargi Guha, Director of Public Relations @ Ritz Carlton for inviting me over to be a part of the press event :)

Here's to many more #RCMemories!!

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