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Nibbles & Gulp Fest @ High Ultra Lounge

Its time to Nibble and Gulp as High Ultra Lounge brings in a delight for all the small eaters in town.

Xiao Chi, which literally means ‘Small Eats’, is an inevitable part of Asian cuisine. In the Nibble and Gulp promotion, High serves a range of veg and non veg Asian Tapas and that’s not it, the innovative menu is accompanied by colored shooters for you to gulp while you nibble on these delectable options. On menu were dishes like Shrimp cracker with salmon & avocado salsa, Homemade shrimp sweet tamago skewer with sweet soya sauce, Mini Sakana skewer fried with chili mayo dipping , Deep fried tofu skewer with soya dipping sauce, Chef special homemade vegetable gyoza and a lot more .

The drink menu consists of interesting offerings like Shooting star, desired fire, Kill bill, High Idea, Clear Current , Kokum lover, Dew drop to name a few. While you indulge in some lip smacking food and tantalizing drinks, a spectacular view of the city from 421 feet will make your experience worth a while. Scroll down to read my review of this unique offering at High Ultra Lounge.

We kickstarted our meal experience with Shooting star - A combination of Gin, fresh lime, cinnamon and Orange blossom.

This was served with Bite size Japanese style fried chicken with homemade dipping sauce (presented in shot glasses). The dipping tasted like a home made mayo, chicken cubes were deep fried in crumb based coating paired with grated carrot for that extra freshness.

The platter came also had Chicken dim sums and Veg sushi and the gulp here was -

Golden Eye : Tequila, Vodka, Fresh lime and mango juice that is shaken with ice. Served straight up!!

Anything fried with a mixture of veggies and meat makes it as a must have "chakna" with your booze for sure. And High made that possible with the next starter with a pretty crispy presentation which had micro greens and veggies as well, served with their in house salsa dip

When you're having Pan asian - how can one miss the Chicken satay?

This dish is called Asian style mini chicken satay with homemade chilli dip and asian herbs.

This is called the High Idea - I personally felt this was the potent shooter of the lot that was served.

So what does it have - a layer of vodka, Malibu rum and blue curacao. Its quite a fun drink to have, served in a small square shaped box filled with ice cubes & dry ice .

This was my favourite when it came to the starters - completely light yet meaty, crispy, bang with flavors and freshness.

Shrimp cracker with salmon and avocado salsa.

Corn on the cob.

Quite a surprising element in the menu, especially when you've started off with most of the dishes which had a Asian/oriental influence and then this gets served. But this was absolutely buttery goodness with sweet corn kernels and a dash of spice from paprika. Woohoo!! Bitter sweet - Vodka, Campari, fresh lime and peach puree shaken together. Are you HIGH already??

Chilli Garlic Paneer - was served as a part of the main course menu .

Mushroom in garlic sauce was absolutely delicious and serves as a comfort food, once you are done with all the binge drinking and need some nosh.

Desired Fire - Vodka muddled with fresh red chillies and mixed in a reduction of pomegranate juice.

The last nibble platter : High special chicken gyoza with homemade soya chilli dipping and Asian style deep fried USA corn with Ika and homemade chilli dip.

I personally prefer the dim sums, wontons and thai dishes prepared by Exec Chef Myo. But off the menu - if you are ever here, do try their crisp pork belly and BBQ Spare ribs with a thin layer of fat. Its foodgasm on the palette and the view adds on to its beauty. After all you are 31 floors up in the air, high in the mind and free from mundane baggage.

Deep fried chicken in Chinese szechwan sauce drizzled with sesame seeds.

The last gulp to end the shooter experience was - Kokum lover : kokum flavored vodka ( an inhouse speciality) stirred with cranberry juice and ice.

For main course we relished the Hakka Noodles, Sticky rice with Thai Green Veg curry which had an amazing dominant flavour of lemon grass and lemon leaves, which takes this curry to an all new different level.

Sticky, gooey chocolate walnut brownie served with Vanilla ice cream for Dessert.

Nibble & Gulp Food Fest Date: Saturday 16th to 30th November 2016

Time: 7 PM onwards


Rooftop, World Trade Centre,

Malleswaram, Bangalore

Contact Information- 080- 4567 4567 or +91- 9900029373

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