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Bootlegger Pub - Launch Party @ Indiranagar, Bengaluru

The pub capital of India, added another feather to its cap with Bootlegger opening a second location at Indiranagar, Bangalore.

This one is bigger, better and has ample space (2 floors) and a bar counter serving up their unique in-house cocktails plus delicious pub grub.

Who doesn't mind drinking a beer on tap?

I was invited for the launch party to try out some cocktails and a special menu curated for our Blogger table.

Creme Brûlée



Bourbon Buck

We also had a one on one session with the bartenders to showcase how the in house cocktails are made and this was super fun !

If you would like to kickstart your meal experience on a healthy note then Feta Cheese salad should be your go to dish here. Loved the minty freshness with each bite of the watermelon :)

Appetizers that were served for the evening :

Chilli paneer - served in a short glass, that had jalapeños, black olives and bell peppers garnished with spring onions that perfectly pairs with a nice chilled beer.

Barbecue chicken wings - needs no introduction, a must have dish in every pub menu.

Another classic dish that made it to our table and was my favourite - Bacon wrapped prawns, you can't go wrong with this one :)

This was one served to be a crowd pleaser - who doesn't love cheese anyway?

Jalapeno Cheese bites served with a spicy mayo dip.

Crispy Chicken wings if you enjoy the Kentucky fried stuff.

Another favourite when it came to the vegetarians - Stuffed Mushrooms was yummay to the core!!

Do try out their thin crust pizzas - I personally loved the pepperoni one, which had just the right amount of toppings and cheese.

While you've relished all of that , don't forget to head to the bar counter for some more amazing cocktails.

Pictured here - Knicker boker

Overall loved the energy of this place which has a rustic, industrial theme for its interiors paired with great food and service.

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