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Garnet Glow Tea - Product Review

Tea is the lifeline or should I say the fuel that kickstarts every Indian. We love our Chai - black, darjeeling, green or white - each to his own. The humble chai has always held its special place in all our homes be it for family gatherings, a welcome drink or simply sip along as a perfect accompaniment with monsoons.

In times like today - the type, flavour, leaf variations etc are not just restricted to what you are offered in your supermarket or a chai wala. The world wide web has opened up a galore of different teas to not just suit your taste buds but also add on to one's healthy lifestyle. Who knew about Green tea and its benefits 10years ago?

My personal favourite - long leaf packs with a fresh burst of that eccentric tea flavours that hits the nasal passage and awakens your senses. That's were Garnet glow hits the bulls eye!

I was thrilled to receive my Garnet glow packages comprising of three different flavoured tea - each nothing like the other. And trust me when I say this - what's written on the pack will emit itself once you brew it into a brown liquid gold that will thoroughly invoke all your senses. This product review was made possible by Food Bloggers Council, India.

The samples that I received :

Apple Darjeeling tea

Peach Black tea

Coconut Darjeeling tea

Garnet glow is India’s first bespoke tea, with vast collection of finest tea leaves from the tea gardens of India, Japan and China, carefully picked tea bases matched perfectly with exotic flavours and custom made blends.

You can check out their entire range of tea selection or make your own brew via subscription packages as well , by clicking on the link :

My personal favourite of the samples provided was Apple Darjeeling cinnamon - which felt like sipping on a fresh apple pie with every sip. Loved how each leaf opened up and emitted its flavours added with a distinct hue during the brewing process.

If you look a tangy, sweet flavour with fruity notes in your brew than the Peach Darjeeling tea should satisfy your cuppa needs. Considering the unique flavour combinations that Garnet Glow tea has to offer - the baker in me is surely going to try to whip something up :) Stay tuned for a recipe :)

F&B Product, For Review – powered by FBCI – Food Bloggers Council, INDIA

(Disclaimer: Views expressed here are discretely reserved by me. THIS IS NOT A PAID REVIEW.)

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