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Taste of Arabia @ The Market, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

The Market @ Ritz Carlton Bangalore is a stage portraying many cuisines that will satiate your taste buds from across the Globe.

There's Indian, Chinese, Sushi, a salad bar, a counter with an array of freshly baked bread, desserts, wines from every vineyard fit for a sommelier and so much more.

This was my second visit for Arabian food fest by one of Ritz's favourite Chef from Dubai - Rami Almakt. This Syrian Chef well known for his signature style of cooking Persian, Syrian, Moroccan food can be seen hustling around the live kitchen counters. Preparing some of the best shavarma rolls that one can savour along with some fabulous dishes from history's old silk route.

Well - read on for my Arabian night experience :)

We kickstarted our dinner with some authentic Syrian spice tea - which actually is a concoction of cinnamon, star anise, a few more spices and walnuts, minus tea leaves.

Traditionally this Kehwa like beverage is also sipped between meals to increase one's appetite and enhance the overall meal experience.

How can one not have the Mezze platter while relishing a middle eastern meal?

Olives, Chickpeas, hummus and my personal favourite Beetroot mutable along with Mouhmara served along with pita bread is a complete healthy & nutritious meal by itself.

What rotis are to Indians , Manakish is to the people of Middle East. There are soo many variations that this humble flat bread has to offer with respect to its coated layer and what it can be paired with from a hot or cold Mezze platter .

Open faced Manakish - with Zatar

Cheese Manakish was a favourite of the lot , paired exceptionally well with Hummus and the beetroot mouhamara.

Unlike the Shawarma rolls that we Bangaloreans have been exposed to from Savoury and Empire. This one was perfectly rolled in thin sheets of bread, slices of grilled meat, minus the mayo that made it taste so much more better.

It would be quite interesting to note that most Arabic dishes are not directly named after the Creator, but go by the names of their sons. For example Harrak refers to the last name carried by north Moroccan families that claim their decent from the sons of Al-Harrak.

Harrak espaoo

Spicy potato with coriander

The cold mezze station featuring Mouhmera, Eggplant mutable, Beetroot mutable, Olive salad, Cous cous salad and Hummus.

Shrimp Majboos which is pretty much similar to a Biryani with mild flavors.

Chicken with Spinach

Iranian lamb stew

Selfie with Chef Rami

For the desserts -

Bous Bousa - a traditional semolina cake made with rose & sugar syrup, garnished with pistachios.

Mouhalabih - the Arabian version of a panacotta with rose syrup and pistachios, simple, yummy yet so indulgent.

If you want to relish some of Ritz's classic desserts - do try their brownies with a dollop of rich cream :)

Baked curd with crumbled walnuts.


Marzipan with finely diced apricot and almond.

If you would like to savour an authentic middle eastern cuisine that has a lavish spread to cater to surely tantalise your taste buds, go ahead and make a reservation @ The Market, Ritz Carlton.

Price : Rs 2350+ taxes as applicable / per person

For reservations : 080 49148000

Thank you Gargi for the invite :)

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