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Saturday Brunch @ The Kitchen, J W Marriott

Food has many traditions and has played a significant role in our history. Like the Evolution, food too has evolved in its way of preparation, servings, presentation and more - after all we eat through our eyes first. Don't we? There are many changes interms of how the humble food has been served at restaurants - one such eye candy event is the Brunch.

Now Brunch as a word is a combination of a late Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch. There are many theories that surround the origin of this concept. Starting off from the meals served after a Sunday Mass at church teamed with cheerful, social get together of family & friends in the comfort of your home. To late breakfast concepts hosted by elite hotels for celebrities who travelled the globe and checked in at post breakfast timings. Now without further adieu - I'm not going to dwell more here on the who, what, when and how.

Why am I blabbering soo much about Brunch anyway??

Read on to know more about my very first Saturday Brunch experience..... cause Sunday Brunch is too old a concept...

I had the privilege of being invited to a Special Blogger table for the newly launched Saturday Brunch @ "JW Marriott's - The Kitchen", close to UB City, Bangalore. After the gloomy, every day rains in Namma Bengaluru, the Saturday Brunch felt like a much welcomed gastronomic recharge to all my five senses!!

I walked in when the counters were just been set in a synchronized manner by all the chefs wearing a pleasant chrome yellow apron. Trust me when I say that you will be literally spoilt for "choice'" here. This isn't a run of the mill brunch affair - with a specially curated ever changing menu that is worked upon for a week in advance along with plating presentations fit to please the Food Gods from all walks of life.

Most breakfasts start with some eggs, bacon, cheese, breads and coffee that ends with a doughnut.

Not at this Kitchen - mind you!!

You get to choose 3 different types of eggs - cooked the way you like it, with an array of "toppings" to go with the omelet of your choice. I tried the quail egg - with corn & spinach, cheese, a dash of chilli along with fresh Water melon juice. Yes - they have a live juice/smoothie counter, wherein the chef will be more than happy to dish up a concoction with a fruit of your choice. You name it, they have it :)

What normally follows the eggs is a good toast - not here though. There are 7 different types of breads you can choose along with around 10 different types of cereals and cold milk

There is an entire section of baked goodies that blended well with my freshly brewed Coorg coffee - like croissants, doughnuts, mini pies, blueberry puffs and the list goes on.....

Cinnamon muffins served to be the perfect accompaniment with Black coffee along with a dash of cream - YUM!

The mini puff glazed with a creamy custard and slices of peach was the best of the lot for me -

And here's an overview of the baked goodies section - which also hosted an array of spreads & jams for the assorted breads and cheese plus grapes to pair with the Chilled white wine .

If you are a Salad freak like me and love munching on a bowl full of Vitamins,Minerals and proteins. Fear not ...The Kitchen will cater or rather spoil you with choices here as well.

I sampled the Chicken & Spinach salad - the hardcore protein lover that I am (wink wink)

If you would like to have some soups , served the pan Asian way - hop on to the Asian food counter located amidst the lush green lawn facing The Kitchen.

Like most of the counters, you will have to choose your ingredients here again. I tried the prawns in Red Thai Curry with steamed rice. Didn't want to lose up on my belly space over a soup bowl :)

Apart from soups and curries - there were baos, chicken lollipops, fried rice and need I say ... more!!

Lets move on to the Live Counters now

Pork ribs served with a tomato & pineapple based Juu - the meat was cooked to perfection, it literally just slided off the bone and went well with the toasted garlic bread.

Slow cooked chicken with grilled veggies was a little overcooked to my liking, but the sauce wrapping the veggies was flavoursome and a delight to my palette.

Chef Daniel - doing what he does best! Dishing up great food for all the guests. It was such a pleasure talking to a chef, who's passion, pride and love for his job oozes out as he takes you through the whole Saturday Brunch concept.

Moving on to some more main course dishes that this fantabulous buffet has to offer -

There is a Live Italian counter dishing up some of the best pastas with sauces of your choice and guess what you get to choose the additional toppings too.

One could select either the Mushroom ravioli with a creamy white sauce or the salmon ravioli served with a cheesy red sauce.

If you're not the pasta shasta types and like your good old masala dosa and bisibelle baath - the Brunch has that included in their menu too.

The South Indian food counter -

Well .. for all you Pork lovers out there let me make this clear the Pandi Curry wasnt like the typical Coorgi Pandi curry but had the influence of Chettinad masala . - coconut and curry leaves. It tasted decent with the steamed rice though.

The poppadoms to go along with your Thayar sadam (curd rice)

They also concentrate on one counter which has a specific Indian menu every other week- this time it was Punjabi.

Finally my favourite section of any menu - Desserts. Oh my this was like the fireworks of the Sweet world!! I felt like a little girl in a Candy store, who gleefully with utmost pure indulgence wanted to have it all . The Tart/Pie section was the best ... pic below is of Banoffee pie, with a dollop of fresh cream.

Pineapple and Fig Pie

Lemon Tart

Custard Cheese cake

Mini Chocolate tarts - all you chocolate lovers out there can literally pop these like pop corns Heehe!!

If you do not like Firangi desserts - they also had 12 mava based burfis and pedas too!

How can one not have the pastries and mousses, when your talking about Desserts right? Raspberry Mousse

Dark chocolate Brownie drizzled with coco powder

The classic Black forest cake

White chocolate gateux

My second favourite of the lot was this Dark chocolate tart with a creme like Mousse droppings.

If this doesn't excite your palette there was a live Crepe counter serving 12 different ice cream delights, cotton candy & cup cakes counter as well.

Phew.. now that brings us to the end of this post & if your wondering how I got to taste it all? Actually this is just a sneak peck ,there is so much more that the Brunch has to offer and my belly failed to accommodate them all. Well, I actually overslept which lead me to skipping the breakfast since I was either ways having a Brunch here. Thats my trick to relishing it all :)

So what are you waiting for??

Make a reservation this Saturday for Brunch @ The Kitchen

Timing: 11:00 am – 03:30 pm

Pricing: INR

· 1948/++ with wine

· 2249/++ with Alcohol

· 3249/++ with Champagne

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