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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be Happy - Benjamin Franklin.

No wonder some wise chap said - I've got 99 problems and Beer solves all of them :) If you are in the mood for some chilled brewed beer, delicious kebabs, great music and ambiance with 4 floors to choose from and are of course in Namma Bengaluru, do try out Vapour - brew bar on Indiranagar 100ft road.

What makes this place special out of the 18 brew pubs we have here, you ask? Read on to know about my experience @ Vapour, set exclusively for food bloggers by VIPTable and FBAI (Food Bloggers Association, India) Vapour has 4 floors to offer - there is the usual pub floor with various types of comfy seating arrangements for groupies overlooking the bar counter on one end and the stage for live gigs.

Look up and there is a theatrical balcony like sit out with a lounge and aubercool set up with the DJ station at its very own corner, overlooking the big screen.

Followed by the Kebab room and the Terrace floor on 2nd and 4th floor.

They have 6 different types of brews on the house, but that shouldn't upset you considering if your poison of choice is varied - since they have a pretty good range of delectable cocktails, mock tails and other liquors to choose from their bar menu as well.

Whats the whole hype around a brew pub? Well its fresh beer and has far more less preservatives in comparison to your bottled/can beers. The only disadvantage been - you need to walk into a brewery to drink one of these glittery gold liquids!!

Wheat - barley- hops and the most important of them all - Yeast, are the main ingredients of the brew recipe. Temperature, storage days, brew mixes and the composition of them all add on to the taste of the brewed beer. I am not going to bore you with the Chemistry around it, but for the curious cats - here's how beer brewing is done.

If you would like to know how Vapour brews their in house beers , do check out their informative website on Brewing -

Here are some pictures from the Brew tour -

One can view the huge kettles wherein the brewing process takes place, on the floor that houses the Kebab room. Do try the Gulati Kebabs here, minced meat with cinnamon and spice mix flavors layered over a semi sweet dough. Which also happens to my personal fav :)

We also got to taste the unfermented beer - beer before the molasses start to ferment is super duper sweet and quite yucky if you were to compare it with the actual bittery smooth & refreshingly fizzy taste that the blend emits, post brewing.

We were taken through the overall brewery process , this was quite informative interms of understanding how the licensing to the overall final product is basically served to a customer. All you need is 20 odd licenses which basically entails 50 plus government requirements and red tap-ism to get you through your very own brewing joint.

Now lets get down to business - the 6 brews that Vapour has to offer!

Premium Beer - which happens to be the most preferred brew of choice for regulars Light Beer for the not so bitter taste lovers. Basmati Blonde - if you've tasted one at Toit, you know what I mean !! ;) The Classic Wheat beer too was quite light and refreshing

Dark Irish beer which has hints of coffee and chocolate.

If you aren't sure about which brew to order - go for the sampler and choose the one which goes along with your palette.

Beer generally goes with some lightly spiced and well marinated meats and veggies. And that was exactly what we got served at the Blogger table. All thanks to VIP TABLE India for hosting the event and making it soo much fun on a Cluesday. For more info on Vip Table, do check out their website ;

The Non veg platter comprised of Chicken wings, Tandoori prawns, Ajwain fish, Seekh Kebab and Chicken served with an Onion salad and Pudina chutney.

Next up was Veg and Corn fritters with a spicy mayo dip

Followed by the all Veg platter which had stuffed paneer in potato rings, tandoor spiced broccoli, veg seekh , Aloo and a Paneer tikka.

My personal favourite was the smoked beef in ginger with sour cream chilly dip.

The minced meat was flavored and spiced to perfection and had a melt in the mouth effect with every bite i took to devour these brown beauties.

We also ordered for a Mojito and a Cranberry based mocktail to go along with the starters .

All in all , it was a great way to spend a Cluesday...I mean a Tuesday night with fellow food bloggers with good food and beer flowing on the house I would like to Thank Jishan and Pranav, from VIPtable and FBAI for hosting us this beeralicious blogger event. Until we meet again....Cheers to the Good life!!!

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