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Nimesserie - Bon Vivant Menu Tasting

This is aspect cuisine at it's best - the presentation paired with molecular gastronomy, lip smacking Indian food with an artistic modern twist, golden table mats to creamy dreamy curtains, all add on to a diner's experience @ Nimesserie.

Nimesserie is the brainchild of Chef Namish Bhatia (Ex Corporate Chef @ Lalit Ashok) and everything that is served from a la carte to its staggering eleven course menu, is his aspect of Indian food served with a jaw dropping modern twist. Simplicity doesn't exist here in any of the dishes :)

Right from how each dish is served accompanied with a very unique style of presentation along with a foodgasmic journey that your palette will be taken through, This is one dining experience you shouldn't miss when in Bangalore.

Choose from A la carte, Five Course, Seven/Eight course to the Eleven course degustation menu.

I was invited along with a select bunch of food bloggers to taste the new menu - Bon Vivant : Seven Course Degustation course for dinner. Amuse Bouche

This was deconstructed Papdi chat, with molecules of pomegranate juice, mint caviar spheres and chat spices. You just have to swoop it all up in one mouthful to enjoy the flavors at its best. Potli Sack pack of Feta Cheese & Burnt Garlic in Melon skin, topped with micro greens.

I'm not a big fan of musk melon, doesn't count in my list of favorite fruits. However one must admire how meticulously, the flesh of a melon is used as a packaging layer for feta cheese in this dish. Now that is truly commendable!! Cherry wood smoked salad of Prawn, Lavender, Marigold, Green apple, Rocket lettuce and Orange

I fell in love with the smokiness of cherry , well cooked prawns, citric tang from chunks of orange balanced off by a wee bit of bitterness - courtesy rocket lettuce. As you indulge your taste buds with this salad, trust me you will not stop until that entire bowl of contrasting textures is done & dusted.

Creamed yellow Corn soup with Truffle foam and shaved dried Mushrooms

Unlike most corn soups that I have tasted, which have more of corn kernels, zero yellow color or lack the corn flavor completely. This soup however surely surprised me. It was light, yet hit the right notes when it came to a creamy consistency without being overbearing and Yes had a dominant cornish flavor topped with hints of truffle oil in a foam format. A very interesting way to serve soup paired with modern culinary techniques. Mutton Sukhad on a Dhokla pillow with Lemon foam

Moist circular dhokla is used to balance off a spicy concoction of Mutton sukhad , wherein small pieces of goat meat are well cooked in a mix of Chettinad spices. The sweetness of the Dhokla, spiciness from Sukhad work like a perfect ballad through a soft texture , with just a hint of lemon foam, that tops it all. Lemon Jasmine drink

Aati Mati, Orange & Pomegranate chutney, Aloo tikki & salad

I am sure you would have never seen an Aloo tikki and stuffed roti, served this way in any of the restaurants. Let me deconstruct this for you. The little jar on left, was filled with a tangy, tasty and absolutely delicious orange & pomegranate chutney, you will have to smear this on what lies on right side of the dish :) . The roti was filled with chicken, carrots, beans and peas, all tossed up in a spicy Indian seasoning.

The humble aloo tikki was well cooked and paired well with a simple carrot salad.

Fish three ways : Fried, Grilled and Curried

The fish moilee was absolutely delicious and went superbly well with Idiappam. This curry had mild flavors of Coconut milk and I must say that fish meat dunked into it, was melt in my mouth, goodness :)

I personally preferred the batter fried fish though :) Anything crispy with meat in it, is my weakness. We were also served Chicken skewers in Choor Choor paratha, slivered onions over a bed of Makhani cream.

Finally it was time for Desserts :) Mango Cardamon frozen dessert - crack open this creamy goodness to get a nice heap of Alphonso delight with every bite.

My favorite of the lot was Sapphire Champagne Arc with Lavender Phirni that lay within a dome of heavenly flavors, over an almond soil.Ever eating a phirni this way? Guess not :)

Nimesserie Cru - chocolaty indulgence to the core.

Mishti Doi Creme Brulee

So what are you waiting for ? Make yourself a reservation to enjoy a scrumptious meal served with a modern twist, through Nimish's aspect cuisine and molecular gastronomy.

P.S - Do try their Mur Muri prawns and Bacon Kulcha with amrut ki chutney - it will surely take you through an infinite level of foodcoma :) (both are available as a part of their a la carte menu)

For more details on Aspect cuisine and what the menu has to offer, visit : For reservations contact : 080 4098 8989

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