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Happy Navratri & Durga Pujo

When the first rays of the sun is cast on you through the venetian blinds Your hair, arises from black night, in curls they tumble and fall on to your sides. Your skin, a tanned wonder, Aphrodite will envy with her immortal soul And your wild and untamed spirit, through your eyes, even Artemis will fall. Your voice is like honey and works magic to the heart and mind As you sit there, by the window and sing till the heavens will open and the gods descend down.

May all those who fear me find friendship with me here. May all those who disbelieve, feel my commanding presence. When they need love, let them in and I will nurture them. When they hunger with desire, allow release in my audience. They who tire will rest with me in my palace. They who long for peace can have it in this place.

For I am nothing less than a GODDESS!!

P.S - I will be missing in action this week as its Navratri , owing to rituals at home and travel that's lined up. But will be back with a bang, as I have a chunk load of pending posts for all my readers here.

Stay beautiful, Stay strong ..Be you!! let the world move on :)

Happy Durga Pujo peeps!!

Loads of love & festive wishes



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