• Jyothi Varne

#Gourmetlicious2019 Launch @ShangriLaBlr

Updated: Mar 4

When it comes to fine dining in Bangalore, with a catalogue of best places to choose from - do try Gourmet passport. It is an app that lets you make reservations, avail discounts and a sneak peek into some of Bangalore's passionately curated menus that is perfect for any occasion.

Every year across select cities and a handful of restaurants participate in #Gourmetlicous, an event which gives Gourmet passport users an exclusive preview to some amazing food , dished out by in house chefs.

This year, I was one among the select few along with socialites, page 3 and renowned folks to dine at Shang Palace as a prelude to the launch of this fabulously curated event.

With one of the key members of Gourmet passport, food critic, columnist and more - Mr. Aslam Gafoor.

Gourmetlicious 2019 kicked off with a few cocktails, wines and beer from their co-sponsors - Grover Zampa, Paul John and Hoppers.

The gala dinner was held at Shang Palace and let me start off by stating that the meal was fabulous, paired with exceptional service by the staff at the Shangri-la hotel.

It was a 4-course meal, but we had the opportunity to try out both vegetarian and nonveg options.

Appetizers :

Crispy corn chilli: Batter-fried American corn tossed with onion, chilli, bell pepper and togarashi.

Vegetable crystal dumpling: Steam dumpling with turnip, carrot, mushrooms and coriander

Vegetable Spring Roll

Each dish was paired with a generous pouring of Grover Zampa Wines, that elevated our overall meal experience along with fun conversations.

The Sichuan Steamed chicken with chilli oil was my personal favourite from all the appetisers served tonight.

Chicken Shaomi dim sum with carrot and cilantro tasted delicious with a pour of Grover's Sauvignon Blanc.

For the Main course - the unanimous favourite was fried rice with Asparagus & water chestnut curry. I am simply going back to Shang Palace just to devour this dish one more time :p If you're a vegetarian and like pan Asian food - do give this one a try for sure.

Dessert was simple and delicious - Coconut and Litchi Custard with a shot of Fireball Whiskey.

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