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Shahi Methi Muttar Paneer

Its Navaratri - 10 days of fasting, feasting and relentlessly serving Maa Durga through veggie delights and special prasad offerings.

You all would have heard of the famous Muttar Paneer - it needs no introduction. In simple words its peas and cottage cheese married together over a sunset gravy.

Paneer is second favorite to chicken, when it comes to my nephew. He loves the palak paneer and Mutar paneer that we prepare here at home. Its a rich, protein packed dish with the Kasuri Methi giving its own elegant flavor to the overall gravy. I wish my Mom could have packed such drooling dishes for my lunch at school. This recipe gives you the authentic restaurant style rich taste that goes well with rotis/naan. Since I was running out of time and wanted a healthy bread that tasted as good as the one's made at home - I tried serving my Paneer dish with something different.

What was it? Well... read on to know about the special guest accompanying the Royal Muttar Paneer

Have you ever tried the ready made rotis/parathas? Me neither ! One look at them and I always though they will end up being rubbery when heated and would be too chewy. But I guess assumptions can be wrong.

I had an opportunity this time to use ID's Junior Parotas. I've being a regular user of the ID Idly Dosa Batter, and their batter quality has always being good. I was surprised to see that these guys are now into ready made products as well.

Now the Junior Parathas is typically aimed at the kiddo markets - specifically for mom's who want their kids to eat some healthy and delicious food. But hey its a land of opportunities out there - so I tried this product - my way . Actually the way my Nephew prefers to be honest :). Loads of paneer cubes dunked in pieces of soft parotas.

The ID Junior Parotha is made from 100% whole wheat, is preservative free with no added chemicals and flavors. The whole product concept revolves around Parota Snacking!! Since these were rolled out in layers which were too soft (since the products was absolutely fresh).....

I didn't want to break the layers and have any filling oozing out. Hence I served them normally as a flat parota . All you have to do is heat the rotis on a tava with some oil/ghee and cook till they are done on both sides. Isn't that so easy and time saving over a busy crazy Monday morning madness! This is such a boon, as it easily fits into any normal size tiffin box.

Now here goes the recipe for Shahi Muttar Paneer


150gms Paneer Cubes

1 cup - Green peas (boiled)

I large onion, fried and ground to a fine paste

10-12 cashews, soaked and ground to a fine paste

Puree of 2 small tomatoes

Kasuri Methi - 1 tbsp

Turmeric - 1/4 tsp

Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder - 2 tbsp (or as per your taste)

Coriander powder - 1tbsp

Fresh Cream - 4 tbsp

Garam masala - 1/2 tsp

Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp

Butter for cooking

Salt to taste

Coriander leaves for Garnish


1. Heat butter in a shallow pan, once it melts add the finely ground fried onion paste

2. Cook the onion paste, until the color changes and the oil starts to separate

3. Next add the tomato pulp and cook till the water evaporates

4. Add in the spice powders,salt to taste (except for Garam masala) and stir well

5. Add the pieces of paneer and cook for 5-8 mins of a low flame. Stir well to coat the paneer pieces with the masala and cook until the oil starts to come on top with a closed lid on a medium flame.

6. Add the cashew nut paste, peas garam masala and adjust the gravy consistency. Keep stirring as the gravy will thicken once you ask the Cashew nut paste and you do not want it to stick at the bottom

7. Rub the kasuri methi against your palm and add it to the gravy, cook for another 3-4 mins

8. Add the cream and give it one final stir and turn off the flame.

For the parathas -

Heat a roti tawa - add some ghee and cook till the paratha is well done on both sides

Remember - The beauty in enjoying any Indian bread is to knead right and cook on the right temperature.

The layers of the paratha, fell off like the curtains drawn through a stage and rolled in perfectly well with the Paneer cubes cooked in a rich gravy . So I would definitely give a Thumbs Up to the ID Junior Parotas.

Do give it a try and let me know what interesting recipe did you try with it?

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