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A VIP Experience @ The Black Rabbit, Bangalore

The biggest challenge today is being yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else

- Anonymous

Walk down the 100 feet road, Indranagar and this quaint place that use to boost itself in the yester years as one of the best residential areas to live in. Has turned into a mini - MG road like area in Bangalore or MI road in Jaipur. You name the brand and they have a store here. Come Toit and the entire pub scenario changed in this area, followed by Vapour, Take Five, Tippler, Aloft to name a few players of the game. But one new entrant has everyone humming its name - The Black Rabbit.

Now this place was on my TO - GO list for quite sometime now, with all the raving reviews I kept hearing when it came to the food and the overall laid back environment. I even missed a team outing and a college reunion here :(

So when VIPTables called me for a review of this place as a part of their VIPExperiences I said Yes, without a second thought.

As a part of the experience I got to meet the General Manager - Gaev who was also my host and took me through the overall food served as a part of the VIPExperience with utmost pride, including the Brick Lane which is just a 3 mins walk from The Black Rabbit.

BAR CHECK - they have a HUGE list when it comes to choosing your poisonous concoctions. Yep - this is one of the longest lists that I have seen for cocktails/mock tails/ whisky/vodka/wines and more. Trust me when I say you will be spoilt for choice here. But for now, since I was the only blogger there and had to go through the entire menu - I selected the good old Corona.

Snapshot of the VIPExperience Menu

When you walk in to this place , don't forget to look up.

All these bells have been hand painted with Moghul motifs and is quite a delight to the eye. So which one's your favourite? The overall interiors is quite basic with not much clutter - unlike most pubs that you get to see here in Bangalore, which house loads of posters, blaring music with curios spread across . Why the name Black Rabbit? Gaev said - Most British pubs have a wacky name (majority of the dishes served as a part of the overall cuisine is Brit Pub grub here) and Black Rabbit sounded "catchy" to the overall group and hence the name, so no major funda behind it.

Starter #1

Ponzu Chicken Wings

Unlike most wings that have the BBQ Sauce dripping off, this had more like a glaze to it and I quite liked the crunch of the spring onions. The chicken was juicy and cooked well .

Starter # 2

Chicken tikka spring roll

This was completely non oily, mildly spiced mini chicken chunks as a filling and the overall crunchy ofcourse that went along with in house red pepper relish which only added on to its taste and transports you to a different level of Umami :)

Starter# 3

Baked Mushroom and Cheddar Parcels

This one was my favourite Veg Starter - a thin layer of puff pastry like layer, twisted into sacks and filled with baked mushrooms and mature cheddar cheese, is like a creamy burst in your mouth with every bite.

They have been cooked to perfection with a very light sun kissed golden brown hue that highlights its tips. A sip of chilled beer and a bite of this creamy mushroom goodie will only keep you asking for more and more.

Starter #4

Cottage Cheese Spring Roll

Im not a major fan of Paneer/Cottage Cheese. I personally feel this one ingredient has been overused and under rated when it comes to creating an option for the Veggie population here in India. Taste wise - this was quite similar to the chicken one, in terms of the spices used to build up the filling. So I'm gonna give this a pass

OK - so this one isn't officially a part of the VIPExperience menu, but as I got talking with Gaev and realized how we both share a common favorite when it comes to meat aka Bacon. He said I ought ta try this one out.

Bacon bombs - smoked bacon strips parceled in cheese and fried .

Bite into one of these babies and you will forget the boring popcorn, perhaps would even want to try making it at home (atleast I did and it was a hit with my friends instantly) Its an orgasm of smooth cheese that hits your palette and your mind wants more & more of it . In simple words...MMMMMMMM.

Quoting the Lays slogan here - No One can eat just One!!

Moving on to the main course now -

Main course item #1

English Pub Pie

This dish clearly calls out their British Pub culture influence for the cuisine served here. I love the theater around this dish - which is soo unlike what you would expect from a Pub Grub. Crack the fluffy dome, dip your spoon into a creamy potato based pie and dunk in the sesame toasted bread.

Or Just -- Crunch on the classic lettuce, cheery tomato salad on the side to create a variation on your palette. A complete meal by itself which wont give you that puffed at feeling at the end of a drinking spree yet fill up your hungry tummy.

Main Course Dish #2

Crispy Veg Burger

Ain't this a beauty? The burger is served with 2 In house relishes (P.S - BlackRabbit doesn't serve the usual Ketchup, Tabasco sauce - they make their own), crispy onion, coleslaw, pickled cucumber and french fries. I found this way better than the one's served @ KFC, Mc Donald, Toit, Thulp etc

Now the burger may look a wee bit small in the pic here, but trust me this is gonna fill your belly, heart and mind, Bite into the slightly toasted sesame bun, slathered in butter, cheese, tomato, inhouse sauce , a chunky veg patty and the former ingredients repeat again - yummilicious to the core !!

Main Course Dish # 3

Baked Halibut Filet with Beans Poriyal, Steamed Rice and Kerala Curry Sauce

Yep you read that right and look at the picture above as well - this Pub serves Beans Porriyal with Kerala fish curry sauce that has a delicious, tangy coconut based curry like taste and the porriyals remind me of a simple home cooked meal with steamed rice. Imagine this after a good round of drinks with your friends and you wont even have to step back to get some decent food - which most pubs lack , since 90% of the menu concentrates on finger food to go along with booze.

The fish filet had a simple spice rub, the skin had a perfect crackle and the meat within was cooked well. The Kerala sauce and the white rice, danced along like a happily married couple. Unlike most restaurants Basa as a fish wasn't used here, since Gaev told me the overall texture of Basa is good to rub it with some Indian spices as it doesn't have a prominent flavor of its own.

Main Dish # 4

Crispy Chicken Burger

To say I loved the relishes here would be an understatement....I lurrrvvveeeed it!!

The chicken burger had a thin slice of Chicken meat and not a patty along with a chunk load of in house sauce, that will just drip from the sides of your mouth as you try to balance this super delish beauty. I also liked the use of fresh herb that added that extra crunch to the burger and didn't make me feel guilty about all the calories in it. Not that I care :p my favourite section of the meal again...Dessert!!

Now as per the menu you only get a sticky toffee pudding...but we Bloggers are special you sees .We get to taste it all and I aint no less ...grin grin grin, Cause I got to taste not one but three - all decked in its basking glory of sweetness.....

Now the picture above is that of the Sticky Toffee pudding - it was sticky of course interms of its consistency smothered with a molasses like sauce, which the staff didn't want to reveal .

However my favorite was the deconstructed Lemon Tart ... the creamy mousse like lemony tart had a strong citrusy flavor that leaves a nice after taste to it and the deconstructed,crumbled tart balances the overall dish in harmony

I forgot the name of this one - it was covered in chocolate sauce, had a pastry puff like shell which gave it a structure - you crack it open and the molten caramel and white cream flow out like the chocolate in a Lava Cake.

So this brings to a sweet end of my VIPExperience @ Black Rabbit, Indiranagar, Bangalore

This place truly deserves a repeat visit and I so want to try their other unique pub grub dishes !!

I would like to thank Pranav, from VIP Tables for giving me this opportunity to review The Black Rabbit and Gaev Mehta for being the fantabulous host , patiently explaining each dish as it comes and taking me through all the properties.

Cheers to the good life!!

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