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Chicken Pepper & Chilli Masala

Sundays are meant to be lazzzaaay, wake up late, have a nice light brekkie, followed by a delectable spread for lunch, a few drinks, end it with a dessert. And then a quick snooze followed by some filter kaapi, a movie and Monday blues cometh!!!

Sunday lunches have always been an elaborate affair at my place - with a minimum of 3 non veg dishes prepared. Biryani, fish fry, minced meat fritters, prawns in a coconut gravy, grilled chicken, salad, rich rice pudding - are some of the things that my mind can recall instantly :) Yes, I come from a family of feeders and eaters. We are also like ants - all of us have a sweet tooth, you sees :) But the title for a hardcore dark chocolate lover is my coveted title.

Chicken has been a staple meat in our house, followed by mutton. There are so many variations in terms of gravies, curries that me and my mom make in our little kitchen. Cause we like variety!! What gets dished out this week, mostly doesn't get repeated for a month or maybe more. Life is too short to eat the same stuff. Can't relate?? - I feel sad for you, your missing on something here!! But thats the truth about our appetite and kitchen stories though.

One such gravy that was prepared last Sunday was this one . Let me warn you, its high on spice, loaded with whole chillies, pepper - that's why I aptly named it Chicken Pepper & Chilli masala.


3-4 tbsp Sunflower oil

1 tbsp Butter

1 tsp - Black pepper, coarsely ground

Coriander leaves for garnish

Salt to taste

For the marinade :

250 grams Chicken with bones

1 cup curd

1 tsp - Turmeric powder

1/2 tbsp - Red Chilli powder

1/2 tbsp - Garam Masala powder

A pinch of salt

Masala :

1 large onion

1 medium size, ripe tomato

4 Cloves

1 inch Cinnamon stick

1 tsp - Saunf

1 tbsp - Ginger garlic paste

4 - Dry red chillies

2-3 Green chillies

3-4 sprigs of Mint leaves

3-4 sprigs of Coriander leaves

1 tbsp - Black pepper


1. Mix all the ingredients under "Marinade" in a deep vessel and let it marinate for a minimum of 2-3hrs in a refrigeration.

2. In a non stick pan, add 2 tbsp oil and fry the onions until translucent.

3. Next fry each of the ingredients under "Masala" individually (except for Ginger Garlic paste, mint and coriander leaves ) for about 2-3 mins on a medium flame.

4. Grind all the above ingredients into a fine paste ( fried onions +whole spices) along with ginger garlic paste, coriander & mint leaves. You may add a little water if required.

4. In a wok/ non stick kadai, heat 3-4tbsp oil, a dollop of butter and add 4 Green cardamons, 3 cloves and let it make the oil fragrant.

5. Add the marinated chicken and cook until half done on a medium flame - this should take about 15 - 20mins.

6. Add the ground masala, salt to taste and stir to coat all the chicken pieces. Cook for another 10-15 mins with a closed lid on. You may add in some water to adjust the consistency of the gravy.

7. Check for spice/salt levels, sprinkle black pepper powder and remove from flame.

8. Serve hot with a wedge of lime, plain rice , rotis or parathas.

Bon Apetite!!

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