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Cointreau Cucumber Mint Rickey

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Summers are slowly trickling in. Gone are the days when Bangalore didn't need an AC or coolers placed in every room.

With the lockdown happening, I hope all of you are staying safe at home, practising social distance when you step out and are well stocked with the essentials. You never know how long this is going to get dragged.

To all those with large families, I know life will get tedious, stay strong and try to enjoy this family time together. Where people have stopped the rat race and couped up together as they have never before.

Coming to this post, my first blog post on Cocktail recipe Weee!! - Well, I have a decent stash of liquor lying around since I am not a regular drinker but nonetheless like collecting liqueur.

My top 3 favourite liqueurs are Kahlua, Amrula and Cointreau. So here's a super easy cocktail that you can make with either Gin, White Rum or Cointreau.

Here's what you need :

30ml Cointreau

3 tbsp - Lime juice

1/2 can of Tonic water

Slivers of Cucumber

Some mint leaves

Ice cubes - basis preference.

1. In a long-stemmed wine glass line up some cucumber slivers and mint leaves.

2. Next, add 3-4 ice cubes. Pour over 30ml Cointreau, 3 tbsp Freshly squeezed lemon juice.

3. Finally pour over sufficient Tonic water and give it one final stir and not too much. You want that liquor concoction to slowly get infused with all the ingredients as the ice melts.

Trust me - this is Summer in a glass, its refreshing, smooth, light, not too sweet and perfect to kickstart a late lazy lunch date.


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