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Dewars Whisky Tasting @ ITC Gardenia

In recent years, Indian Blends and Malts have made their mark globally. Which has had us - Whiskey connoisseurs, more aware and open to some renowned Single and Double malts that have been either always a part of our usual liquor boutique or a priced possession from a duty-free store during our travels.

As a blogger I have had a fair share of tasting events - wherein this honeydew, smokey, peaty, fruity or grain flavoured spirit always stands out. Each Ambassador has his/her own magical way of presenting its heritage, tradition, blend, and ageing process.

But Fraser Campbell - made us make our own blend of whiskey as he took us through Dewar's journey and repertoire of fabulous malts to taste, pair and relish with carefully curated appetisers as we compared notes.

Having been a firm fixture in the global bar scene for almost two decades, with stints in the UK, Australia and Spain, Fraser Campbell has an enormous wealth of industry experience to bring to his role. I was lucky enough to have a Golden dram, crafted by this gorgeous man and served to me!!


The Drink - A simple twist on the classic old fashioned, accentuating the honeyed richness of Aberfeldy 12-year-old whisky. The heather honey together with the addition of aromatic and orange bitters helps balance the serve, whilst bringing extra complexity drawing on flavour cues of orange and vanilla found in Aberfeldy.

So here's what we tasted tonight :

Dewars 12YO

Dewars 15YO

Dewars 18YO

The flavour notes of Dewars 12YO - Honey, homemade candy apples, and fudge. Warm, buttery, and mellow. Juicy raisins and fresh citrus, with subtle vanilla. Clean, full, and lively. Melted caramel with a trace of oak. Rounded, smooth, and long.

Flavour notes of Dewars 15YO

HONEY Golden honey and decadent toffee sauce. Luxurious and complex. RICH FRUIT Succulent exotic fruits, hints of coconut and vanilla. Citrus and green apple notes. FLORAL Delicate floral aromas, smooth and well-rounded. A lengthy, warming finish.

Flavour notes of Dewars 18YO

HONEY Heather honey poured over fruit. Rich, golden, and mellow. MARZIPAN Almond and vanilla cream, with smooth butterscotch. Soft, flavorful, and sweet. SILKY SMOOTH A full finish; rich, deep, and oaky. Plush, reassuring, and lasting.

We were then asked to make our very own mix comprising of Fruity, Smoky, Peat and Grain notes.

Well, I prefer having a dram from the experts so I am not going to tell you what I made and called mine :) Nonetheless I loved how interactive and knowledgeable this session was all thanks to Fraser.

Happy Weekend Folks!!

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