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Easy Green Masala Prawn Sukka

The weather that we all as Bengulureans love is back, A spell of rain, chilly mornings and evenings followed by bright noons. This weather calls for something spicy and hot kinda food. From Ginger tea, onion fritters, raw banana bajjis and piping hot pepper rasam there's so much more to monsoon food cravings.

So this Sunday, I made a super simple Prawn Sukka that takes less than 30mins to cook.

This is one more recipe from Grandma's list of South Indian cooking. You can make this with any prawn size available, I've however used the small variety since their meat is super sweet and has an earthy taste to it.

Do be mindful about the number of chillies vs peppercorns used in this recipe as the base may turn into a fiery gravy and we do not want that.

You can also turn this into a green chops recipe by adjusting the quantity of freshly ground masala and water, plus adding in pre-cooked mutton or chicken chunks.

This dish typically pairs very well with a Dal Rice, Rasam rice, Chapati or Maida parathas.

One can also simply relish it as a starter with a chilled beer !!


300g - Prawns, deveined, clean

5 tbsp - Oil

1/2 tsp - Turmeric powder

2 medium-size onions, chopped

1 tbsp - Coriander powder

Salt to taste

Masala Base :

1/2 cup - Coriander leaves

1 inch - Cinnamon stick

4 - Cloves

5 - Garlic Pods

1 tsp - Black peppercorn

1 inch - Ginger

1/2 - medium-size onion

4 - Green Chillies (adjust as per preference).


  1. In a bowl, add cleaned prawns, turmeric powder and a pinch of salt, mix well. Set aside for 20mins.

  2. In a mixie/food processor, blend all ingredients listed under masala base into a fine paste by using little water. Set aside.

  3. In a Kadai/Pan, heat oil. add chopped onions and fry till slightly brown.

  4. Next, add in the ground masala paste, coriander powder, salt to taste with little water and cook this until the raw smell disappears. This should take about 6 - 8 mins on medium flame.

  5. When the masala is cooked, add in prawns, stir well. Cook with a closed lid on for 8-10mins on a low flame. Until all the excess water has evaporated and desired consistency is reached.

Serve hot with Rotis or rice.

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