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Easy Halkova Recipe

If you're from South India and a 90s kid or earlier; you'd probably remember that every neighbourhood had one small grocery store aka Kaka Kadey selling cereals, snacks ,flour and what not . But right in front of this store would be a showcase deck mostly with beauty products and shampoos ,while the top portion would have numerous glass bottles with sugar candies and delicious treats for kiddos .

One such sweet treat that I yearn for till today and absolutely love for its simplicity , is a white square made of flour and sugar , locally called HalKova

I think we either use to get 2 or 4 pieces of these yumminess for a rupee or so.

If you bought more pieces the shop owner would wrap these in a hand folded paper cone with a coir string to keep it together called Potlam.

The recipe to make these nostalgic sweet treat is quite simple ,the trick lies in gently simmering the maida and mixture without burning it of turning brown and gently folding in powdered sugar .


1 cup Ghee

2 cups Maida

1 tsp Elaichi powder

1 cup plus 2tbsp Castor sugar


  • Firstly, in a large non stick pan take 1 cup ghee ,gently heat it on a low flame and then stir in 2 cup maida until well combined .

  • Gently roast on low flame making sure the maida mixture does not turn brown .

  • Keep roasting, after 10 minutes the ghee is completely absorbed by the maida and it'll look thick like a peda consistency .

  • Continue to roast and the maida will turn frothy with small bubbles , if the mixture is too dry at this stage add one more tablespoon of ghee and continue cooking .

  • Once the mixture froths ,turn off flame and continue stirring for 3mins.

  • transfer to the bowl allowing it to cool.

  • Next take take 1½ cup sugar and 3 pod cardamom and grind to a fine powder or use Castor sugar .

  • Add the powdered sugar (in parts ,until well combined) to the warm maida mixture

  • Remember to not add the sugar when your maida mixture is hot, else it'll melt rapidly and make the mixture liquidy.

  • Once all the sugar is combined , you'll have a thick paste .

  • Transfer the mixture to a tray lined with butter paper.

  • Press and flatten making sure it is well set by using a spatula or a flat spoon .

  • Refrigerate for 30 minutes, or keep on the counter for 2 hours to set.

  • After 30 minutes, unmould the burfi and start to cut into pieces.

Store in an airtight container for upto one week after cutting the set mixture into squares. I used a ruler and a super sharp knife to help me do this .

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