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Ginger Margarita Recipe

I'm slowly venturing into making cocktails at home, with a limited amount of booze stock.

Personally, I miss going out, all that loud music in a bar, the wait for a table, weekend buzz and bar finger food. I may be an introvert but I do enjoy a good drink with a crowded ambience.

Reading through 2 of the Cocktail books, that I picked up ages ago and never bothered to use, unlike all the other cookbooks and hoarding on liqueur, because they're unique and you can store them for ages. This Quarantine has been perfect for me to use up all the stock that's been gathering dust, like a good bottle of Tequilla gold lying around unused for over 5 years and my favourite Cointreau.

Now the Margarita is an iconic drink and has its own history as well.

It pretty much features in most cocktail menus with either the classic recipe or variations like the one I'm doing today. Since I have a bottle of Cointreau and pretty much don't know how to use it all up without wasting. I've been following the official Cointreau page on Instagram, which features a unique cocktail recipe every Saturday and Monday.

So this recipe my friend is by Alfred Cointreau - the 6th generation owner of this fabulous liqueur brand.

What I've realised in this new journey of cocktail making is that fresh ingredients, good quality booze and glassware all go a long way in how the cocktail gets made, presented and tastes - leaving you wanting for more. And when you are at home - who cares!!

If you want to start off like me - do invest in a good quality peg measure, stirrer, muddler, strainer and shaker. That's pretty much all you need along with some good music and great company.


50ml - Cointreau

60ml - Tequilla

20ml - Lime Juice

A splash of Ginger Beer/ Ginger Ale

Ice cubes

Lime wedges



1. Rub a lime wedge around the rim of your glass and then swirl it in some salt. This is how you get that salted rim ;)

2. In your shaker - pour in Cointreau, Tequilla, lime juice, ginger beer and ice cubes. Shake them all up for 20secs.

3. Strain the above mixture into your prepped up glasses and serve with a slice of lime.


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