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No Churn Strawberry Icecream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!

But with the lockdown in place getting this favourite summer delight is becoming as difficult as getting the other so-called "luxury items" that we all took for granted in a world of easy, convenient online purchases and super processed stuff loaded with preservatives and chemicals. That may satiate your taste buds but is super harmful to the body. Not to scare you or anything - most ice creams are merely frozen desserts with tons of stabilizers, palm oil, artificial flavouring agents and preservatives.

Like most of my cooking experiments - Ice cream making at home is one of my favourite test trials to do. It's about getting a handful of few ingredients together and then forgetting about it in the freezer for a night.

If you're an avid seasonal produce shopper like me, you would remember that until early March or so, Strawberries were available pretty much in all supermarkets and fruit stores. As a baker, I love baking with them, whipping up fruit compotes, or freeze them for later use.

I so need a bigger fridge, the one which we have is taller than me and it still isn't enough for all the baking and cooking I do.

So this ice cream recipe was a result of the previous no-churn recipe that is available on my blog. Plus those frozen strawberries dying to be used and yes, yes - Ice cream cravings darling.

The overripe bananas lend this ice cream a nice breakfast smoothie feel, plus the vanilla flavour takes it to a different level. A light, tarty, Berri Licious ice cream that just melts in the mouth. And Oh! I added a wee bit of dehydrated beetroot powder to get that nice cotton candy colour, on the darker side :). However ripe strawberries are more than enough to lend that baby pink shade to this ice cream.

Here's what you need to make this super easy No-Churn ice cream.


60g Strawberries - fresh/frozen

2 medium-size - ripe Bananas

2 tbsp - Castor Sugar

8 tbsp - Whipping cream

10 tbsp - Whole milk (room temp)

6 tbsp - Condensed Milk

1 tbsp - Vanilla essence

Optional: A few drops of Raspberry colour/ Dehydrated beetroot powder


1. In a large blender jar, add all the ingredients listed above and process it until absolutely smooth.

2. Transfer the above liquid to an airtight box or a metal container (I used a loaf pan) , cling wrap and let this set for 6hrs or overnight.

3. Scoop out and serve!!

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