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Kickstart your day with Ace Blend

If your day kickstarts with a busy schedule with absolutely no time to prep or dish out that delicious piping hot breakfast - then welcome to my club!! Well, to begin with I hate starting my day in the kitchen, I need something that is filling not loaded with fat and can be made in less than 10mins . A couple of years ago, milk and some toast or biting into a fruit on the go was my ongoing routine, rather malnourished/fattening diet regime. Yes, yes - skipping breakfast is a super bad habit , but in time I have improved!!

I moved from Bournvita/Horlicks to fresh fruit juices, or a box of nuts - but that still wasn't good enough for my morning walks or by the time I reached work - I was thoroughly famished and ended up eating those oily vada, cheesy grilled sandwich or butter laden dosa = weight gain. So when I moved into my own apartment, I had the kitchen I always wanted with a well stocked fridge (big bad ass fridge) So now my day starts with smoothies, overnight oats or ragi malt with dry fruits sweetened with palm jaggery syrup.

So when you are given a product that helps you stay fit, meets the nutritional requirements and can be made in less than 5 mins - tadah!! Fitness + Nutrition smoothie problem solved.

So just to give you a quick brief about this product - ACE BLEND is a plant based protein blend, with natural anti-oxidants, multi greens which acts as a sustainable fuel to keep you nourished and full.

For more details on the product, available flavours , orders and pricing please visit their website :

What's more - the product claims to be 100% soy free, dairy free, gluten free and is completely free of artificial sweetening agents , colours or preservatives !!

So all you fitness freaks out there - do give this blend a try.

I made a thick smoothie with their Raw Chocolate blend and was quite surprised with the taste and creamy mousse like texture. An easier way to make this is to simply open a packet of Ace Blend, add 300ml of cold water to and give it a nice shake in their sipper. Voila!! you are done.

However me being me - I prefer a little more exotic blend when it comes to my smoothies :)


1 sachet of Ace Blend Raw Chocolate

6-8 Almonds, soaked overnight

1/2 Cup of fresh figs

1tsp - Cocoa nibs (to add in a crunch with every sip)

1 tsp - Organic Forest Honey

4tbsp - Greek yoghurt (adjust basis the consistency required by you) can be replaced with Almond milk

2 small Bananas - chopped


Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend them to a smooth consistency - that's it !!

I am keen to try variations when it comes to blending this Raw Chocolate mix from Ace Blend and will be posting more recipes.. so stay tuned.

DISCLAIMER - I was given samples of Ace Blend and sipper for free to review the product and add in my recipes using them. The view/photographs published here are of my own. Please consult your doctor first incase you have any allergies, health issues etc before you try anything .

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