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Easy Phirni Recipe - Rice Pudding

Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!

No matter what festival it is, food at home is incomplete without a sweet dish to end our meal. Although Phirni, may not be categorised into a traditional festive dessert , as far as I know. I love how rice, which is a staple in most regions of our country is used here as a primary ingredient with simple rose water/ saffron flavouring.

It's a wonderful, creamy, delicious dessert made with coarsely ground rice, milk, dry fruits and saffron strands . Phirni hails from Punjabi cuisine and usually once cooked, is cooled and served in earthen ware. I've used the Almond crackle to give this dish an additional texture and a twist which caramelisation lends to any dish. You can totally omit this if you want to though.


1 large cup of rice, soaked for min 20 mins

1/2 litre milk, whole fat

1/4 cup - Milkmaid, condensed milk

1 tsp - Saffron, soaked in milk

1/2 cup - Sugar, adjust as per preference

1 tsp - Cardamon powder

Almond slices - 2 tbsp (you can also use cashews, pistachios)

If you don't like Cardamon, you can also flavour your Phirni with some rose water.


1. Coarsely grind the soaked rice. Bring milk to a boil, add ground rice and cook till its done. Stir constantly to avoid the mixture from sticking at the bottom of your pan.

2. Add soaked saffron strands, cardamon powder, milk maid and sugar to taste. Mix well. Cook on low flame for about 3-4 mins.

3. Transfer the mixture into earthenware cups or bowls that you wish to serve in. Drizzle nuts of your choice.

4. Refrigerate for an hour or more , prior to serving.

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