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Instant Sweet Sour Mango Pickle

I remember all my aunts and grandma cutting out chunks of raw mangoes on a hot sultry noon , sun drying them in peak summer heat and off they went into a secret jar that would only be seen after a month or so .

The tangy ,spicy taste of oil soaked Mango yumminess was a perfect add on to a veg meal plate .

Although pickle recipes vary from region to region and across families . There's one easy pickle recipe that I've helped myself to multiple pieces along with my favourite Dal Rice Combo .

It's this recipe !!.

This isn't spicy , so if you like "chatpata" stuff like I do - you'll absolutely love this recipe. Any raw mango is fine but my personal preference has always been Tothapuri mangoes for this dish . Something about this variant ,including the skin and pulp brings it all together in a perfect manner unlike other pickle variants .

The trick is to ensure a good amount of salt ,spice and everything nice that is jaggery without overcooking the Mango chunks.


1 Raw Totapuri mango, diced

6tbsp - sunflower oil

1tsp - Mustard seeds

Handful of curry leaves

3 tbsp - Jaggery powder

1 tsp Turmeric powder

4tsp Red Chilli powder (adjust as per preference)

1tsp Jeera powder

Salt to taste

Water - 1/2cup , small


Heat oil, add Mustard n curry leaves. Add mango pieces, spice powders and stir well along with salt to taste. Add jaggery and water let the mixture simmer until it thickens to a saucy consistency and mango is softened .

Cool completely before serving.

Store in an airtight container in your refrigerator and use for upto 3days .

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