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Payasam - Vermicelli Kheer

Happy 2021 peeps!!

Starting off the first post on my blog with a sweet dish - something we've all grown up eating as South Indians and loved during a Muhurtham meal at weddings when served on a banana leaf.

It's a simple dish that comes together with a handful of ingredients. What makes it better and richer is the addition of condensed milk, unlike the traditional recipe followed by many.

Typically, ghee fried cashews & raisins are added to pre-roasted Wheat vermicelli to make this yummy milky dessert. But feel free to add-in pistachios and flavour it with saffron and Elaichi.

But remember, consistency or rather proportion of milk: vermicelli is key to a good payasam.

Add in too much vermicelli and little milk, you will end up with a lumpy, gooey dish. Wheat vermicelli works best, thinner the better.

I usually prefer a ratio of 3:1. Considering vermicelli will absorb liquid content while it's cooking. Also, be mindful while adding sugar since condensed milk is sweet by itself.


3 cups - whole fat milk

1/2 cup - Condensed milk

1/2 cup - Vermicelli (I used Anil)

1 tsp - Coarsely ground Elaichi

1/4 cup - Ghee

1 cup - mixed dry fruits (Cashews & Raisins)

A few saffron strands (optional) soaked in a tbsp of warm milk

Sugar to taste


  1. In a Kadai, take 1 tbsp Ghee and gently roast the vermicelli for about 3-4mins on low flame. Set aside.

  2. In a deep vessel, heat milk and bring to a boil. Add condensed milk, soaked saffron and ground cardamom powder and simmer until the milk reduces. This should take about 10-15mins on low flame with intermittent stirring.

  3. Add in roasted vermicelli and cook for about 8mins until it is cooked through, avoid stirring too much at this stage. Add sugar as per required taste.

  4. In a small pan add 4 tbsp Ghee and fry the cashews & raisins, pour this over the kheer and give one final stir.

  5. Let this sit with a closed lid on for 10mins and serve warm.

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