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Chocolate Almond Fudge

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eating just one piece - Anonymous. Well, I am weak that way!! Give me a bar and I can finish it all up for breakfast, dinner or lunch- I am not going to waste my time breaking it or fretting about some after effects on my waist line. Saying I love chocolate would be an understatement - I luurrveeee chocolate - dark, milky, wafer, nutty, caramel, I love them all.

Tis the season to eat and be jolly!! And this recipe is my contribution for holiday season and chilly weather that has set in. Eating chocolates is fun, hot chocolate on a cold winter night is even better but making rich, gooey, sticky, rolling over your tongue, melt in the mouth chocolate fudge with a dash of liquor? Well that's priceless and food coma to me!!

This is my first time at trying out homemade fudge. And like they say - one can never go wrong with Chocolate. And it is a super easy recipe, using only four ingredients, liquor is optional though. Takes about 30mins of cook time and 2-3hrs for setting in a refrigerator. That's about it!! So go ahead and give it a try -

INGREDIENTS : 350 gms - Dark cooking chocolate (I had Alprose) 1 tin of condensed milk (I used Nestle's milkmaid) 1 cap of Vanilla Vodka A pinch of salt Double boiler to melt the chocolate PROCEDURE 1. Place a deep pan on the double boiler, add chopped chunks of chocolate and let it melt.

2. Once the chocolate starts to melt, add milkmaid, pinch of salt, vodka and give it a nice stir with a wooden spatula.

3. Beat the mixture vigorously until it smoothens completely, looses it sheen. Turn off the flame. 4. Pour the mixture in a greased bowl and drizzle with almond slivers.

5. Once the mixture completely cools down, let it set in a refrigerator for minimum 2-3 hours. Cut it into desired sizes, lift the mixture up to remove a piece and serve.

Store this in an air tight container back in the refrigerator to avoid it from melting/turning sticky for upto 2 weeks. That's if you have a really strong will power to stay away from these gorgeously delicious fudgy dark beauties.

Recipe adapted from "Gourmande in the kitchen"

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