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House of Troy - Greek Restaurant in Bangalore

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Well, I've never been to Greece, but the closest I've gotten to tasting to Greek food is at Thalassa, Goa. I quite enjoyed the fresh flavours of tomatoes, grilled kibbeh, bread dipped in olive oil and paired it with some wine of course.

The flavours of greek food to me were subtle, refreshing, not much on the spice and had whole hearty portions - that make it a complete meal by itself.

So when I got an invite from the admin of Bangalore Foodies Club - it was something I didn't want to miss, knowing this was Bangalore's first all greek restaurant.

The restaurant has a fairly simple menu comprising of Soups, Salads, Appetizers, Flat bread pizza, Burgers & Gyros (wraps), Pasta & risotto, Mains and desserts.

We picked 2 salads - both were done really well and I would suggest you to definitely start your meal with the fennel salad, paired with an Oozotini cocktail.

Orange Fennel Salad - fresh greens, orange, fennel, goat cheese and almond is what makes this salad absolutely delicious.

And of course, you can't go without trying out their Greek salad


Spanakopita is a veg appetizer made of phyllo pastry sheets, stuffed with spinach & feta.


Toppings - Artichoke, bell pepper, walnuts, goat cheese & garlic

Prawn Saganaki - A classic greek dish made of prawns, tomatoes, feta & dill.

For the mains -

Baked Eggplant roll with creamy polenta. Absolutely enjoyed the mellow flavours of the tomato sauce, drizzled with dill & other herbs over a bed of soft, well-cooked polenta, topped with grilled eggplant - this is something you gotta try irrespective of whether you're a vegetarian or not.

Love grilled chicken with a nice caramelised sauce? Then go ahead and order the Greek stuffed chicken breast. The mash potato with sauteed veggies was exceptional and enhances the flavours of orange grilled chicken in every bite.

And my personal favourite # 1 (yes I have 2 in the mains, read on to know more)

Pan-Seared Tiger Prawn (that was fresh and not frozen prawns), served with couscous, a mildly flavoured Mediterranean veg stew and wine sauce. Look at this beauty - a feast for the senses for sure!!

I'm very particular when it comes to eating fish, I either enjoy it or I don't.

But a well done Norwegian Salmon with polenta - well!! I love it!!

All in all - a great meal and dining experience at House of Troy.

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