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Italia, The Park #GourmetPassportExperience

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

After Indian cuisine, followed by Chinese, my third favourite when it comes to dining out is Italian.

I like how Italian dishes are simple but flavour packed with just the addition of a few simple herbs, olive oil and meat or veggies. And if we are talking about Italian food - handmade pasta vs the commercial dry chewy ones, are my favourite. Light creamy sauces drizzled over the main ingredient or be it desserts, which are traditional yet cater to the modern consumer's palette. There is a reason why Italian cuisine is best left to the roots and not twisted with innovation or molecular gastronomy, if I may so.

So when you do get invited by one of India's leading diner apps to an all exclusive masterclass paired with wine and great Italian food, well one needs to simply accept it and enjoy the experience.

Gourmet Passport experiences are exclusive events created in liaison with some of the city's top restaurants and chefs, to delight their high ranked customers, socialites and influencers.

Unlike other apps which mainly focus on freebies and discounts via bookings, Gourmet Passport is unique when it comes to its offerings like this.

The evening began with a welcome drink and an exclusive masterclass featuring Chef Basheer's handmade pasta and risotto recipes.

Amuse bouche

Antipasto - Starter

Involtini de melanzane

Balsamic Marinated Eggplant rolled with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.


Zuppa di funghi

Wild mushroom souped topped with cream.

Each dish was paired with a wine from the Kadu range by Sula Wines.

Also as a part of the first course was this delicious hand made Tortellini di formaggie, which is homemade cheese stuffed tortellini in yummy creamy spinach and fresh tomato sauce.

Risotto - no Italian meal is complete without this dish.

Second Course - Secondo E Contorno

Canazzo - Garlic and pesto flavoured baked vegetables - eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper and tomatoes. This was a favourite amongst the vegetarians present at our table and paired really well with the Sauvignon Blanc.

My choice for the second course as a meat lover was - Filetto di Manzo

Beef tenderloin served with grilled vegetables and mushroom sauce.

There was also Salmon fillet served with Cherry tomatoes, drizzled with caper sauce and a side of grilled vegetables.

If you are dining at Itali do not forget to order their Dolce - Traditional Tiramisu infused with orange.

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