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Sunday BBQ Brunch @ The Bier Library

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

One of the best ways to cool down on hot sultry noon, that our city is currently experiencing - head over to a brewery that serves some of the best brews over a nice spread of meats and good old pub grub.

Bier Library currently is a happening place located in Koramangala and renowned for some of its well-made brews with International brewmasters. Although the set up is a wee bit similar to Byg Brewski. The food, ambience and energy of this drinking joint is quite something else. Their massive bar facing the pond with koi fish, picnic tables and extensive cocktails paired with freshly made beers with a special brew every month - makes it a delightful drinking/dining experience. P.S - do make your reservations if heading out in a large group.

Current brews on Tap -

I started my brunch with their seasonal brew - Roucher. While my fellow blogger went for their wheat beer - Wit

My personal recommendation - before you get going with the usual binge eating of starters & the likes. I prefer to start off with a light medley of snacks that is especially available on the Bier library menu - Chakna Platter.

Boiled groundnuts, pepper papad, nippat, rice crispies, peanut masala and jalapeno relish.

Moving on to the first appetiser on their BBQ Brunch - grilled tiger prawns!! Because, hey - I seafood and eat it :p

Then we tried something healthier but nonetheless delicious - OrangeFeta Salad with candied walnuts and green grapes, topped with arugula.

If you've been following my social media posts, then you would surely know that I love ribs - especially BBQ ribs drizzled with a generous glaze like this one.

Bier Library also has an extensive beverage menu, featuring some amazing cocktails like this potent - Thai style Mojito.

If you like your red meats - do try their tenderloin, well done, juicy and cooked to perfection. Served with a side of french fries and fresh lettuce with olive oil & lemon dressing salad

We ordered in another prawn dish which was fresh and light - served with mango salsa. This was soo good, that it was ordered twice. Perfectly paired with their Wit Beer :P

I was pretty stuffed by now and didn't have any place whatsoever in my tummy to try out their main course. So, as usual we ended our meal with dessert - Strawberry cheesecake.

Whether you want to go in for a fun-filled date, a weekly meet up with your buddies, dinner with family or simply because you want to enjoy a nice cold brew from the tap. Paired with some amazing grub, live music and great ambience - head over to Bier Library!!

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